bridging the boundaries

Wellness Retreat Center 
(Gutter to Gulf, Phase IV)

critic: derek hoeferlin
research in collaboration with university of toronto daniels school of landscape architecture

site: saint bernard parish, louisiana

Landscape and its respective ecologies adapt over time. It is vital to create Architecture that similarly adapts.  Situated on the 40 Arpent Canal, between Bayou Dupree and the Mississippi River, this critical landscape is characterized by four main conditions: a Hardwood Forest, a Drainage Canal, an Earthen Levee, and decayed wetlands.  The possible opening of the Mississippi River Diversion will divert fresh water to the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet and has huge potential to rebuild the vital wetlands while temporarily flooding the landscape of St. Bernard Parish.  Whether or not this happens, the Wellness Retreat Center bridges over all landscapes and is elevated to withstand flooding and soil regrowth while dually hindering the growth of an invasive plant species by restricting sunlight.


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copyright 2013 Lynette Salas